The comparison of the author's use of imagery of trees in "Heirs to the Past" and "The Dark Child" by Camara Laye

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Trees have been often used as powerful images in literature to represent various meanings. The imagery of trees has been used to represent various themes such as life, re-growth, and possession . In the books Heirs to the Past by Driss Chraibi and The Dark Child by Camara Laye, trees have been used to represent different elements and ideas, both directly and ambiguously. The arboreal elements in both books play a significant role in the imagery, …

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…through trees, and thus mainly one image is used in Heirs to the Past. Laye uses the imagery of trees to relate many different elements to Camara, and therefore no particular pattern or development can be seen. Bibliography 1.Chraibi, Driss. Heirs to the Past. Trans. Len Ortzen. London: Heinemann, 1971. 2.Laye, Camara. Dark Child. Trans. James Kirkup and Ernest Jones. Toronto: Doubleday, 1954. 3.Goeller, Michael. "Tree Symbolism." (18th May 2002)