The comic elements of the play are constructed through language. Do you agree?

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Shakespeare's "Much ado about nothing" has been classified as a romantic comedy. As a comedy, comic elements are very important; they can be expressed in various ways. In this play comic elements are constructed through language, they are expressed by the characters' dialogues and they affect the readers in a comical way. Benedick and Beatrice are the comical figures in the play; there are a lot of conversations between them. At the beginning Beatrice is …

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…speak very often. The comic elements can create a mood of happiness and excitement especially in a comedy, and I do agree they are constructed by the language. Benedick and Beatrice, the comical figures in the play end in being in love with each other even though they argue and deny about this fact, and I think the comical elements can help the readers to interpret the title of the play: Much ado about nothing.