"The color of Water" by James McBride.

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When will we see equality among different races? Racism can be defined as a discrimination or prejudice based on race and a belief that a particular race is superior to others. According to Christian theology, all humans have two ancestors, Adam and Eve. All humans are brothers and sisters but the unique heritable traits caused by different environments caused humans to look certain ways. This, when compiled with ignorance, gives rise to racism. Racism has …

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…in Texas, and even some Hispanic beatings have occurred. James McBride and his family overcame the difficulties, realized that fighting abusively against the society will never meet their goal. Instead, they built a strong family with the blocks of hardships and cemented with their tears. Nothing was too strong enough to break their family. I suggest that who ever accepts the circumstances and triumphs over the society has the world in his or her hand.