The change if the immagery of blood in Macbeth

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The Symbolism of the Imagery of Blood In Macbeth and its Change Throughout the Play Imagery is any piece of language that makes the reader form a mental picture or image. Shakespeare’s plays are always interesting for the richness of their imagery, and Macbeth in particular has numerous vivid examples. Macbeth is also particularly rich in repeated images. Shakespeare returns again and again to an idea that he has introduced. One major repeated image …

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…after Macduff says that line, the crowed rejoices, showing the change of meaning of the symbolism of the imagery of blood. Notice how the meaning of blood is changed by Macbeth and is later returned to it’s normal meaning after the rightful King is on the throne. This connects to the theme of natural order in the play. Ironically, it was blood that brought Macbeth to power and blood that brought him to death.