The bridge on the drina

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The Bridge over the Drina: The Indomitable Spirit of the Region “Thus the generations renewed themselves beside the bridge, and the bridge shook from itself, like dust, all the traces which transient human events had left on it, and remained when all was over, unchanged and unchangeable.” (Andric, The Bridge on the Drina) Picture a huge, pale, stone bridge, straight and narrow, with 11 arches spanning over a wild river. This river is the Drina, which …

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…and frequent floods, which were a heavy and continual menace to the town, were unable to do anything against it.” (Andric) Through great floods and windstorms, plagues and battles, Serbian rebellions and Turkish retreats, the bridge survives. It stands until the advent of the first World War, the indomitable spirit of the region. Long after peace settles over Bosnia, if it ever comes, the stories, and the image of this bridge will stay with everyone.