The biography of Alfred Hitchcock

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The Life Of Alfred Hitchcock... Intro Rolling up your window at the sight of a passing bird, quickly pulling open your shower curtain when the slightest shadow is seen, and the constant worry of nuclear war with other countries. Birds will most likely never go on a killing rampage, a murder taking place in a shower isn't far fetched, and the threat of war is always present. So, by this we can see the wide …

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…his wife and hires Scottie (an old college friend) to tail her. He follows her through forests, graveyards, and museums, only to find out that she believes that she is the reincarnated soul of Carlotta. This is the ancient tale of a man who has lost his wife and wishes to join her in the underworld. Alfred's cameo in this film appears eleven minutes in with him walking down the street in a gray suit.