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I am doing a report on the disease Diphtheria. The definition of the disease is a bacterial disease that affects the throat and can cause serious or fatal complications. It is a serious disease caused by the bacterium. There is a lot of history on this disease. In the late 1800ís diphtheria came across western Europe and the United States, it killed thousands of children. The diphtheria characterized by infection is more contagious than the …

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…injection site, swelling at the injection site, and redness at the injection site. Adults who just recently get the shot can has swelling at the injection site for up to three days. You can get an examination from a physician and it may show that there are characteristics of gray membranes in the throat, enlarged lymph glands, and swelling of the neck or larynx. The test includes gram stain of membrane, throat culture, and ECG.