The argument of independence between China and Taiwan.

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China reacquired Hong Kong in 1997 from the British and is set to take over the Portuguese-administered territory of Macau later this year. Now China is eager to incorporate Taiwan as well. Taiwan has been separated from China since 1895, and the majority of the people who reside on Taiwan do not wish to reunify or be reunified unless it is on their terms with a democratic China. Until that time comes, China should not pursue its …

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…billions of dollars into Chinese's businesses every year. Taiwan will never threaten China in any way. China should not be bullying the people of Taiwan with missile tests near Taiwan's coast when they have an election or threaten an attack on them if they declare independence. It should be the people of Taiwan who decide whether or not they wish to reunify with China and the conditions of the reunification, if they choose to reunify.