The adventures of Huckleberry Finn by Mark Twain

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Describe Jim and Huck's journey down the river. Include events, name of the state where the event occurs and characters involved. (from chpt.1 to 18) Huck and Jim's journey starts when they have to run away from Jackson's Island. They travel down the river during the night, watching the steamboats on the Missouri shore and hide and rest during the day , to avoid to be seen by anyone. On the fifth night they pass near St. …

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…youngest daughter of the Grangerford family) has ran away with Harney Shepherdson to get married. Huck runs in the woods and sees Buck and another member of the Grangerfords fighting with the Shepherdsons. Buck tells him that the father and two brothers were killed. Huck tries to help his friend but he gets killed too. Shocked and horrified, Huck heads for Jim and they shove off on the raft before anyone can accidentally kill them.