The Yellow Wallpaper BY Charlotte Perkins Gilman

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This short story is not necessarily about a crazy woman, at least not at first, but about a woman longing for liberty. This story is a narrative about the feelings, and depressions arising from the tensions of societal norms on an 18th century woman. The wallpaper design is an expression of the oppressions in her life. The figure in the wallpaper is the woman that must be liberated. The woman in the story is supposedly …

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…is, and is on a quest to tear it down. She rips it off the wall. She is not a woman who has gone crazy; she is a woman who is coming out of a stereotype. She loves writing and is feed-up with being told what to think, what to do, and where to go. This essay expresses a woman coming out of the maze of social norms into the light of a free woman.