The Years After WWII

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During World War II, much of Europe was devastated by military forces on land and from the air. Dresden, Germany, for example, was firebombed almost out of existence by British bombers. So were other German cities. After American troops landed in Normandy on June 4, 1944 French villages suffered greatly. Philosophically, the French shrugged it all off with Gallic humor. "One can't make an omelette without breaking a few eggs." However, entire industrial plants, rail delivery systems, …

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…Germany as Britain was. Germany turned out to be the loser in this case and suffer the most damage in the end even though so many cities and countries were taken over and bombed by the Germans. They had the largest burdens of all the countries combined in the end. Having to pay an indemnity to the allied powers and being restricted to certain things such as know export or import and other such punishments.