The Woman Warrior

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Throughout the book, The Woman Warrior, by Maxine Hong Kingston, the generation gap between the narrator and Brave Orchid is evident. The narrator feels that her motherís culture values have no relevance in America. In the chapter, At the Western Palace, Brave Orchid sends for her sister, Moon Orchid, to come to America and urges Moon Orchid to confront her sisterís husband. The ideas that Brave Orchid has are bold and they conflict …

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…they are both Chinese, one learned the lifestyles of China while the other learned the lifestyles of both China and America. Many of the values that China holds were altered and some ignored by Chinese descendants presiding in America. Americaís culture has influenced immigrants and therefore causing this clash between these two women. Brave Orchid and Moon Orchidís gap is a cultural one caused by the influence of the society each lives in.