The Witches Effects on the Actions of Macbeth

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The Witches Effects on the Actions of Macbeth <Tab/>Three of the minor rolls in Macbeth cause the most chaos with the littlest effort. They are the witches. They use their power of suggestion to ruin all that they can. By simply suggesting things to Macbeth, they turn this proud and loyal man into a cold blooded killer. Some may say that Macbeth was unwillingly forced into his situation, but this …

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…weak soul that can be manipulated with the greatest of ease. With as little as three lines, people he has never met before are able to destroy his whole life. We can see that they did not have any other power over him due to the actions of his companion, Banquo. To add to that, a strong man would have left "well enough" alone, as Macbeth did not. Macbeth was not strong, but horribly pathetic.