"The Wife of Bath" versus the "Pardoner's Tale" in the eye of the narrator

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The Host's Judgement I dare say I have a most extreme hard choice to make. For the criteria I have made only one of these two stories have proven themselves better than the other. The Choosing of which one is the only problem I had. The Wife of Bath's And the Pardoner's Tale were so close on a string, it had my mind spinning. The Wife of Bath's Tale is the obvious choice for me, …

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…of us I give her an A in good morality. Again I say, the Wife of Bath has beaten the Pardoner. She pleased me with her truths about women wants. She kept my moral up with her talking of magic and her bold humorous thoughts of women placement. She is the one who wins because of her truthful speaking about her feeling. She covered no crooked paths but told her heart with nothing to hide.