The Wierd Sisters in Macbeth

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The Wierd Sisters in Macbeth The battle between good and evil has been waged for thousands of years. Evil has always tried to find some way to corrupt the good. In the play Macbeth, that is exactly what happens. In this battle for Macbeth's soul, the witches had to first gain his trust. The predictions were the tools for doing so. The apparitions were cleverly shrouded in deceit. The apparitions brought about Macbeth's downfall. Evil …

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…lost his soul to the devil. Even in death, he wouldn't die with pride. There is another aspect to this story. The witches aren't entirely to blame. Macbeth always had a choice. He could have decided against killing the king. But he didn't. He was too weak to resist his ambition, and his wife. But without the witches, this story might never have happened. They used the ambition and evil inside Macbeth to destroy him.