The Wicca Religion

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The Wicca Religion The term Wicca means "to bend or alter" from the Old English dictionary. Wicca is a nature based religion that worships the One Power (the Creating Intelligence), in its feminine and masculine aspects, the Goddess and the God. In the most fundamental sense, the female and male Gods are recognized in their primal nature; the female in a pure receptive force, and the male in a pure masculine force. Wiccans believe that …

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…the myriad of Gods available to them as intermediaries, to help them attain what they desire. These actions upset many people who don't approve of the Wicca religion. Wiccans are misunderstood; in fact there are many websites that I came across while researching this paper that seek to clarify their beliefs and concerns. The followers of Wicca are growing; this neopagan religion has brought a unique alternative to those seeking a new way to worship.