The Who, What, Where, And When Of The Battle of Oriskany

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Who: The British general, Barry St. Leger. Not much is known about him. The American General was Nicholas Herkimer. He was born in a German settlement near Herkimer, New York. After serving in the French and Indian War he was appointed a brigadier general in the New York militia. The county and the village of Herkimer, New York, were named in his honor. What: The Battle of Oriskany has been described as the most severe …

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…return to Canada. At Oriskany the Patriots deflected one prong of the British attack. The forces from New York City never moved north, but instead sailed south. Burgoyne's faltering campaign from the north collapsed in ignominious defeat at Saratoga. Thus, the victory of the Patriots at Oriskany contributed much to the collapse of the British plan of 1777 - a defeat that marked a turning point in the revolution. Where: Near Oriskany, New York. When: August 6, 1777