The Wealth of Nations vs The Communist Manifesto

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"The Wealth of Nations" vs. "The Communist Manifesto" Looking at the beginnings of civilization, one can identify a common theme between almost all prior cities and nations. This theme was and still is that these civilizations were structured and divided according to different powers, no matter it being social, economic, or political power. An example of this can be seen when examining the Feudal system of the Medieval period, when power was held by kings …

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…Marx and Engel. "The Wealth of Nations" by Adam Smith and "The Communist Manifesto" by Karl Marx and Friedrich Engel, both had contradictory ideas on how and how not to setup a government and economic system. They both serve as the basis of two different economic and political systems. When looking at the present day world, one can see that the ideas behind "The Wealth of Nations" serve a greater role in most governments today.