The Way We Are: the divorce rate rising and whether or not the "family" will be around forever.

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It is true that the American family has changed drastically over the past century. In the past it was the man of the house who had all the power, and brought in the majority if the income. Now we see that trend fading out and the women making an equal contribution to the family. I think this is one of the contributing factors as to why we can say our families have "changed" I agree …

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…of the marriage as well. This country will always have divorces because some people just don't get along and some are just meant to be single all their lives. We will always have our problems but most people will be able to work them out. References Post, J. E. Lawrence, A. T., & Weber, J. (2002). Contemporary business issues with readings: Selected materials from business and society, corporate strategy, public policy, ethics, 9th edition. Boston: McGraw-Hill