The Voyage to the New World

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The Voyage to the New World First of all, King Ferdinand of Aragon and Queen Isabella of Castille got married in 1464. The main reason that they got married was to unite their kingdoms into Spain. The king and queen were Roman Catholic, so they gave power to certain people to convert non-Catholics to Catholicism. In 1482, the Roman Catholic monarchs renew the reconquista, the military crusade ordered to conquer the remaining Muslim state in Iberia, Granada. …

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…out; fine bracelets, necklaces, ankle rings, little gold bell, and royal crowns. When the Spaniards did all that, the natives still were happy to bring them food and water. Later, the Spaniards questioned Motecuhzoma and demanded more gold. They followed close by with their weapons out. With all the gold things, they made a huge pile and melted all of the gold into ingots. They took every little thing that looked good or just valuable.