The Unwelcome Visitor

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Belinda Jacobs 11A Creative Writing Coursework The Unwelcome Visitor Tonight the wind howled. Monica Gianni climbed gratefully into her Audi, wondering how long the journey to Jaime's would take. To make a pleasant change (ahem not!), her boss had handed her a nine-page contract twelve minutes before she was about to leave. Revenge she supposed, as he lost the battle for promotion to Monica herself. Typically, once past the mark of six o'clock the traffic …

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…He stretched his arms, flexed and cracked his knuckles. Nobody breathed, for it was the ultimate climax. The button clicked and the boot sprung free. Something silver glinted in the light of the doorway and a crouching figure was revealed. The scream of silence was ripped apart by a shrieking giggle of a man insane. Monica just managed to whisper CALL THE POLICE, as the truly most unwelcome visitor stepped out, serrated knife in hand.