The Unholy church. Who and how does Geoffrey Chaucer satirize in the Canterbury Tales and what is his opinion on the Church?

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Religion in England during the fourteenth century was a dominant part of society and people's lives. Through The Canterbury Tales by Geoffrey Chaucer, people can try to comprehend what the people of England were like and how they lived their daily lives. Now is where the corruption and foul people of the church come in to play in The Canterbury Tales there are many religious characters: Monk, Friar, Pardoner, Nun, Prioress - the list continues …

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…members of the church, and of those members only two of them are holy and preaching the word of God as it is written in the bible. The rest of them are corrupt with sex and money, they did not care about the church or what Jesus preached. To Chaucer the church was corrupt, impure, hypocritical and intolerant. Those features and his lack of choices are what inspired and is embodied in the Canterbury Tales.