The Under Ground Railroad

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The Voyage to the Free Land In America’s 19th century, many slaves escaped North by way of the dangerous Underground Railroad to attain freedom. It was the most effective protest against slavery, resulting in many free lives. The term Underground Railroad does not mean underground tunnels, but rather secret routes escaped slaves followed, usually leading them north to Canada; the free land. Thousands of slaves escaped yearly through treacherous conditions to attain their freedom. …

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…managing to make it to their next stop fifteen miles away. Many abolitionists endangered their lives to secretly help hide the fugitives, protecting them from bounty hunters. It was a strenuous journey, but because of determination and for fighting for basic human rights, they succeeded. Bibliography Beigel, Hochschild, May. History Of the Underground Railroad. 1997. Mar 19. 1999. James, Karen. St. James African Methodist Episcopal Church: The Underground Railroad. 1997. Mar 17. 1999. NiiCa. History and Geography Of the Underground railroad. 1999