The Two Faces of Eminem.

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The Two Faces of Eminem Eminem aka Marshall Mathers has become one of the most acclaimed rappers in the industry, but why? It may be due to his somewhat schizophrenic personality. He has attracted a large following with young adults along with parents, writers, and the government. The youth see Marshall Mathers, a young guy that comes up with fun songs such a "The Real Slim Shady" and others songs about his daughter and coming …

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…all for show." The two faces of Eminem have been revealed, the loving, caring fatherly figure and also the hard-ass, controversial man behind the mirror. The puzzling part is how people can call him and monster and so many people love him at the same time. He clearly shows the characteristics of having two separate personalities. Schizophrenic or not Mathers has gained the attention of the whole music world with his Eminem and Marshall masks.