The Tragic Character In Oedipus the King

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A tragic character is a classical verse drama in which a noble principle character is brought to ruin essentially as a consequence of some extreme quality that is both greatness and his downfall. In the Oedipus Plays of Sophocles by Paul Roche, describes Oedious as a prorper king, powerful person, and very respectful human being for a good tragic hero. "Children, children! Scions of the ancient Cadmean line! What is this meaning of his thronging …

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…any other people, he wants to be respected by his people by talking to them and greeting them. He respect he has the power to do what he wants but he only uses his power to do what is good for his people. he also respect his people by informing and giving them their needs. In conlusion, Oedipus is a good a traguc hero who is a proper king, powerful person, and respectful human being.