The Tragedy of Oedipus

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Aristotle's definition of tragedy entails the protagonist, usually of high ranking in society, losing his power and happiness. Tragedy in this play occurs when the protagonist, Oedipus, falls from his pedestal into murder and incest, because of the inevitable fate the gods have cursed upon him from birth. Oedipus not only possesses a tragic fate but also has a tragic flaw, pride. This tragic flaw eventually makes the impact of him falling from his throne …

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…but he still wound up in misery. We would feel differently if Oedipus had done something to deserve this fate. We would not feel as much pity for him when he gouges his eyes out and exiles himself if he had deserved it. Instead we ask why was he punished. Again it was his fate that brought him down. Nothing he could do would change the outcome of his life and the events that occurred.