The Tories

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Graebner and Richards begin by asking questions about the cartoon (p. 149) of a Tory being tarred and feathered. The cartoon was obviously drawn by someone who supported the Tories because the faces of the men attacking the Tory look evil and demonic. This leads us to the two letters – one written by a Tory woman and the other by a rebel. Ann Hulton, the Tory woman, describes the tar and feathering of a man in …

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…support different causes can describe an event in a way that sort of supports how they feel about what is happening, whether it’s totally true or not. Graebner, William, Leonard Richards. “Silencing the Tories.” The American Record. New York: McGraw-Hill, 1995. Hulton, Ann. Letters of a Loyalist Lady…1767-1776, Cambrige, Mass., 1927, pp70-72. Force, Peter, ed., American Archives: Fourth Series, 6 vols., M. St. Clair Clarke and Peter Force, Washinton, D.C., 1837-1846, Vol.IV, p. 203.