The Times They are a Changin

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Bob Dylan’s, ”The Times They Are A-Changin” is an anthem for the oppressed, down-trodden young people, while warning that oppressors and abusers will be victims of their own actions. In the beginning of the poem, Dylan speaks to everyone and talks of the change coming from young people who feel that laws from the government and mom and dad’s rules are smothering. He emphasizes “everyone” by using water to help the reader visualize …

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…sure “as the present now/will later be the past.” Dylan says that the change will be swift, focused, and improve positions of the meek. While it is true that young people at the time were organized, they were unfocused. Many changes occurred but not as completely or nearly as swiftly as Dylan prophesied. Revolution occurred, for better or worse, and Dylan stated ideals without being threatening. A must for the time he lived in.