The Three Faces of PSYCHO

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THE THREE FACES OF PSYCHO Psycho has no doubt become one of the most beloved horror stories of all times. It is an undisputed classic. It spins a well-known tale of how the person living next door, in the next room, or down the road just might not be all they seem on the outside. Psycho first came into the world as a literary novel in 1958. It would become Robert Bloch’s signature piece. It …

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…of Psycho is truly unique. Each version is simply finding a way to tell the same story in a new light. It holds strongly to similar aspects of the story and the right to change what is deemed necessary. Bibliography BIBLIOGRAPHY Bloch, Robert. PSYCHO. New York: Tom Doherty Associates, Inc. 1959. Hitchcock, Alfred. PSYCHO. 1960. Horror/Thriller.Universal Studio. Not Rated. Black and White. 109 minutes. Van Sant, Gus. PSYCHO. 1998. Horror/Thriller.Universal Studio. Rated R. Color. 104 minutes.