The Thing They Carried

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The Great American Opportunity In America today, we have a problem of looking at the big picture. Not the big screen downtown in the local movie theater, but the screen of human life. In a movie once, an actor said, "life is cheap to those type of people". This was out on the back roads of Denton, Texas. Motorcycles whizzing by in the hard, pouring rain. Brad and Janet were caught flat with a bad …

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…anything that I do to people, property or myself. The actors in the Rocky, including the audience actors, have taken responsibly for themselves. The people driving by the theatre have no fear of the actors outside the theatre. Every one of the performers has his/her night planned. Besides the identification of the assailant would be too easy. The man had a black leather teddy, black fishnet pantyhose, bright red lipstick, and black curly hair.