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Predominant Themes of Shakespare's Final Play In his final play , The Tempest , Shakespeare utilized several themes to enliven the work. Some of the themes are : nature vs. nurture , civilization vs. barbaric living , and magical transformation. This essay will probe the murky depths of the theme , civilization vs. barbaric living. The representatives of civilization and nature are Stephano and Caliban , respectively. This document will also serve to explore these two character ,to coin a phrase :what …

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…final play by William Shakespear , contained the theme of nature vs civilization. The theme was represented by Stephano and Caliban. Caliban portrayed nature - free willed , crude , instinct driven , and ignorant to civilization. Stephano represents civilization - ordered , crass and dominant. Civilization makes a cruel master over nature in the play , as Caliban is slaves and abused by both Prospero and Stephano . As Miranda said "O brave new world that has such people in it!"