"The Telecasters"

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Musical Analysis of "The Telecasters" "The Telecasters" is a part of the Shakespearean Suite that dates back from 1957, also known as Such Sweet Thunder. The Suite, a 12-part piece, generally is a set of collages that each portrays, musically, one of the well-known Shakespeare characters-like Othello (who appears in the title number), Cleopatra (in "Half The Fun"), Romeo and Juliet (in "Star-crossed Lovers"). The movement that I picked up for analysis, "The Telecasters" is not …

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…vocabulary in a limited span of time and instruments. Besides, the color and the unique register of the instrumentation-especially the trombones-, and the careful swapping of roles help delineate the rhetoric aspect behind this piece, which is portraying some characters from the literature of Shakespeare. These all are factors that contribute to the listener's hunt for usual rich connections within the movements of big suites, as well as among bigger compositions of the same eras.