The Sutton Hoo ship excavation.

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In 1939 a remarkable discovery was made by Charles Philips and his team. They came upon a large rowing ship dating back to the mid 7th century, filled with helmets, shields, swords and other objects of significant value dating back to medieval times. They called it Sutton Hoo. Sutton Hoo is in the part of England known in ancient times as East Anglia. It consists of Norfolk and Suffolk and lies on the eastern seaboard. Sutton …

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…next twelve years. The archeologists are planning on reconstructing a full replica of the original ship. The ship found at Sutton Hoo was the most important part of the burial. The practice of "ship burials" is found in only one other place, Sweden. Graves in Sweden bare a striking resemblance to the burial at Sutton Hoo. The artifacts contained in the Sutton Hoo discovery also bore an almost exact replica of some of Swedish design.