"The Sun Also Rises" by Ernist Hemmingway.

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Basic Plot Summary- Hemmingway, through the perspective of Jake Barnes, the narrator and central figure in the rest of the book, begins the plot of The Sun Also Rises with an extensive biography of Robert Cohn. Jake explains that Cohn was an ex-boxing Jewish man who attended Princeton and now worked as a journalist in Paris at the same company as Jake. Jake tells how Cohn was married for five years and had three children …

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…in Spain. In 1960 Hemingway moved to Ketchum, Ohio, but later that same year Hemingway was flown to Rochester Minnesota to the Mayo clinic for treatment for high blood pressure and severe depression. Hemingway was contemplating suicide and recieved unhelpful shock therapys that more thank likly worsened his state. On July 2nd, 1962, Hemingway shot himself in the head with a shotgun in his Idaho Home. In 1964, Hemingways Memoirs, A Moveable Feast would be published and praised.