The Stranger Exestentialism

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"It has been said that Camus '…was haunted with the notion that our world is a universe which has no place for us, in which our life makes no sense…" The Stranger reflects this philosophy in a myriad of ways. Mr. Meursalt is the main character. He seems to live in his own world, socializing with others, but not caring too deeply about what happens in his life. For example, when his mother died, …

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…pondered his fate. He seemed to extricate pleasure from the thought of everyone shouting at him with all the bitterness and hate that had built up inside of them. At the same time, he didn't seem to worry too much that he was going to. He refused to see the priest before his execution because he felt that he had done nothing wrong when he shot an innocent man in the street. Bibliography "The Stranger"