The Story of the Flood, How Utnapishtim tells his Story to Gilgamesh

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In the Epic of Gilgamesh, Gilgamesh's best friend Enkidu is killed and therefore causes him to be afraid of death. Gilgamesh now that he is afraid of death wants to achieve immortal life so he will not have to face death (34). Gilgamesh travels far and longs to find the man who was granted everlasting life, and ask him how he did indeed receive everlasting life. Throughout his journey he is told time after time that …

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…to the coming flood, he would have never survived and if Ea did not lie for him, he probably would have never been granted immortality. Gilgamesh is not going to achieve immortality by searching for it, he must have a special deal or oath with a god, and also he must be granted immortality by a god. It will be nearly impossible for the same conditions repeat themselves, and for Gilgamesh to achieve immortal life.