The Story of an Hour The Story of Suffrage

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If, in today’s world, a teenage girl was told that her future had been decided a long time ago, she would probably not take the matter lightly. During the early twentieth century though it was quite different. In a time bent on the notion that when a woman reached a certain age, she should be married, Kate Chopin’s “The Story of an Hour” brings a different idea to a world that was not …

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…the origin of the thought, the denial, then acceptance of the thought by women, and then the blunt truth of the matter. The ending though is truly genius when the husband comes back. Mrs. Mallard keels over because her dream had not come true yet after all. Mr. Mallard, representing the male majority, challenged the women’s movement, Mrs. Mallard’s dream. Chopin was able to tell the story of suffrage before it ever happened.