The State of Nature: An imagined utopian community slipping into Dystopia (Great Introduction)

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The nature of man compels him to seek an environment within which he can reach his optimum level of happiness. Many men throughout history have conceptualized the idyllic society, the utopia, within which mankind lives in peace and contentment, thus fulfilling this desire. Some, such as Thomas More in his Utopia, have seen it necessarily as an artificial construction, built upon a system of law ensuring the rights of and providing for the individual. Others, …

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…labor is provided through job placement, following the same formula as in the industrial zone. The State of Nature's elaborate systems of law, crafted to cover any contingency, is the foundation of the state. Law and order guarantees peace, the state-controlled economy guarantees sustenance, and the educational system guarantees continuity. Although the uncomplicated lifestyle of man in the state of nature cannot be recovered, this scheme recreates the contentment and tranquility of that bygone age.