The Spread Of Christianity

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The Spread of Christianity Kenneth Scott Latourette examined factors which he cited as influential and determinative in what he teams variously the “Victory of Christianity over other results and philosophies” with which it competed in the Graeco-Roman world. There were a number of factors Latourette says, one of which was crucial although it might not have carried the “victory” in the absence of all others. As factors, Latourette cites that the Emporer Constantine tolerated it …

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…example of Jesus, or even the message of the religion. It obviously spread because of it’s appeal to common men and women, which were the majority of the population. People looking for help from the Gods, people who wanted to be the recipients of miracles were the core of Christianity’s. Because it was so inclusive, and of it’s apparent success in it’s claimed miracles, Christianity spread rapidly through the ancient world.