The Spanish Civil War 2

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THE SPANISH CIVIL WAR: A DRESS REHEARSAL FOR WORLD WAR TWO In June 1931 the Republicans called for a parliamentary election to be held and the Cortes elected Niceto Alcola Zamora, a leading liberal, as the first president of the Republic; a Republican government was formed in Spain. However, political unrest still existed in the country because some Spaniards still favored monarchy. In 1936, Spanish army units stationed in Morocco raised a revolution against Spainís government. …

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…and close the Mediterranean to the British fleet. Countries helped the fighting Parties because of their fears to each other and future plans, and this increased the tension that already existed between them. For Italy and German it was a clear rehearsal because they got to taste their new technologies and a Nationalist victory, in Spain, meant that their aid was effective, which gave them the confidence to start a new war and win it.