The Spanish Civil War

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The Spanish Civil War: An Ignored Revolution The Spanish Civil War is often ignored by many nations, for the simple reason of them supporting those who would eventually declare war on them. In the early 1930ís, a miniscule republic emerged in the country of Spain. At this time most of Europe was already a republic, but this was Spainís first attempt at this. Spain had always been a monarchy since before medieval times. It …

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…great but the cost to the Spanish people was gargantuan. Works Cited Fraser, Ronald. Blood of Spain: An Oral History of the Spanish Civil War. New York: Pantheon, 1979. McKendrick, Melveena. The Horizon Concise History of Spain. New York: American Heritage, 1972. Tinker, Jr., F. G. "The Italian Debacle at Guadalajara." Men at War. Ed. Ernest Hemingway. New York: Bramhall House, 1979. Werstein, Irving. The Cruel Years: the Story of the Spanish Civil War. New York: Julian Messner, 1969.