The Spanish American war and the annexation of the Philippines.

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        "Remember the Maine! To hell with Spain!" and slogans like this swiped the United States like a rapid forest fire in 1898. Becoming a world power was just the highway the United States was driving on when they decided to intervene between the cruel rulings the Spanish were placing upon Cuba. To add to the United States list of problems with Spain, a letter from Depuy de Lome, the Spanish minister, called President McKinley, "a weak …

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…chew. At this time in history, America was in no position to be taking on the responsibility of another culture of people into its society. Besides, the more the United States would have expanded its territory, the more chances of war we would have been obligated to fight in. Although the imperialism has faded out in this country, remember, there is still the strongest leader of all imperialist still living among us - Bill Gates.