The Soviet German War

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The Soviet-German War is the most brutal episode of the most vicious war that mankind has ever seen (Clark 1). During the “Great Patriotic War”, as Joseph Stalin coins it, the Soviet Union emerges through pure tenacity as one of the world’s great superpowers. Although Stalin and the USSR emerge victorious, the sacrifices made are enormous (Clark 446). Estimates show between 20-25 million Soviets die from 1941-1945. Only 7-8 million Germans die during this same period (…

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…territory in Europe today, we can think primarily only of Russia and its vassal border states” (Cecil 63). Believing that Britian is close to being defeated, Hitler decides to execute Barbarossa on in June wanting to finish off the Soviet Union as soon as possible, before it could significantly reload from the Soviet-Finland War. Hitler believes, “We only have to kick in the front door and the whole rotten edifice will come tumbling down” ( Cecil 26). Hit