The Soliloquies of Richard in Richard III

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The Soliloquies of Richard in Richard III Throughout the notable play of Richard III, soliloquies, speeches which Richard, The treacherous protagonist speaks to himself and to the audience, play very outstanding and significant roles. As through the villain hero's soliloquies, we are presented the material that cannot be realistically delivered in dialogue. They enable our understanding of the unmasked Richard and enable our appreciation of the play, as they reveal Richard's isolation, reveal the information …

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…the role of soliloquies has influences on us as they make us have more appreciation of the play because we know the real Richard and his scheme while other characters do not. We feel that we have participated in the story as we have been praying and wishing other characters could know what we do know. Thus, without the masterly use of soliloquies, Richard III and his story would not be this notable and memorable.