The Silence of The Lambs

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THE SILENCE OF THE LAMBS         Clarice Starling, a student preparing for a life in the FBI, hunts a serial killer by use of vague information given to her by an incarcerated psychologist. Hannibal "The Cannibal" Lecter relays information to Clarice in exchange for information about herself. The killer, known only as "Buffalo Bill", kidnaps large women, keeps them alive for a few days, and finally skins them. Clarice works against time as Buffalo Bill takes …

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…his sullen manner, which is understandable.         In twenty years I see Clarice Starling still working hard for the FBI. Having many solved cases under her belt, she still makes it a point to appear a powerful, strong woman. She occasionally looks back and ponders what Hannibal Lecter might be doing, as well as the long since retired Jack Crawford. She still, after short periods of relief, frequently has to reachive the silence of the lambs.