The Sharpeville Massacre in the growth of international anti-apartheid resistance.

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Evaluate the significance of the Sharpeville Massacre in the growth of the international anti-apartheid movement to 1994. Daniel Rappoport Apartheid, justified as a policy of separate development for the different races, was a social engineering system that codified in law and defended with force, the segregation of the races and the domination of the whites. The various international anti-apartheid movements exponentially applied adequate repercussions to South Africa, however due to social, political, cultural or economic ties, …

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…upstanding proved to be difficult for many nations due to the strong economic ties they shared with South Africa. Yet with the aid of the UN and the outcries of masses, economic benefits had to be set aside. Hence the conglomerate forces of sanctions, embargoes and boycotts of all forms after the Sharpeville Massacre of 1960 led to demise of apartheid and the establishment of a racially democratic nation, led by the previously imprisoned Nelson Mandela.