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The Scarlet Letter versus The Ministerís Black Veil When you compare The Scarlet Letter to The Ministerís Black Veil they are quitealike in many ways yet different in many ways. Nathaniel Hawthorne uses the followingthemes in his stories: Alienation, Initiation, Problem of Guilt, Pride, Puritan New England, and Allegory. The are different because of the settings, the length of the story,and the symbols. In both stories someone was sinful, rather it be …

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…Black VeilĒ once again we not as focused on sins. Most of the townspeople hid their sin. That was the whole purpose of the Mr. Hooper wearing his veil, to be open about his sin. The stories are alike because they have the same themes and both of the main characters deal with public sin. They are different because ones religion may be less strict than another. The stories were great pieces of literary art.