"The Scarlet Letter" by Nathaniel Hawthorne.

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A Lonesome Island in the Treacherous Sea Into the unforgiving world of the Puritan society was born an innocent child. However, something set her apart from the other children; she was the result of a terrible sin, adultery. Since her birth, Pearl is shunned as an outcast of society. She is tangled in a web of lies and secrets, while all she wants to know is the truth about her identity. In The Scarlet Letter …

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…or for evil. Once the truth had finally been revealed to the town and to Pearl, Hester and Pearl took their inheritance and moved to live in a better place than Boston. A place that could really appreciate what Pearl had to offer, rather than to torment her because of her past. Pearl had gone through more devastating and life changing experiences in her short seven years than most people experience throughout their entire life.