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Applying Universal Themes from the Scarlet Letter The Scarlet Letter involves quite a few themes that can be related to today including: playing the role of God, sin, and guilt. People continue to play the role of God throughout our society, just as thwey did in the 17th century in Bostin, Massachusetts. Society declined on their morales, and haave lessened the definition of sin. Guilt was and is a major theme in our world, and …

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…we experience guilt, otherwise our world would be deplorable to live in. The Scarlet Letter seems to be a mirror image of our world today. People are as kind today as they were back then. People are just as much, if not more hypocritical today. If humans were intelligent enough, we would change our sinful behavior, and be kinder to one another. Until then we can continue to wear our own self- inflicted Scarlet Letter.