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The Scarlet Letter The major characters go through many changes due to all of the events that have taken place, but the torture they have to live and die with is all within themselves. Hester Prynn has always been strong, but being isolated from society and raising a child who constantly punishes her for her love affair makes her grow stronger and tougher. Chillingworth, who once was a caring man who loved Hester, shows his …

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…and Chillingworth fell right in-between, changing from strong to weak depending on the situation. Hester was strong enough to resist the destruction of her soul. Dimmesdale allowed Chillingworth into his soul, but with the help of Hesterís strength, was able to free himself. Once Chillingworth could not manipulate Dimmesdale, he turned weak and old. All of the changes the characters went through depended on both their actions and the actions of everyone around them.